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    Supplying Insurance, Out Of Warranty, & Protection Companies

    Whether its shipping customers a device overnight across the country or repairing large volume broken devices, Live Wireless continues to support the needs of the insurance industry.

  • insurance, out of warranty and protection

    Inventory Ready to Ship

    Keeping a large stock of in demand & hard to find devices gives Live Wireless its edge in the industry. Click Here to view our Ready To Ship stock.

  • Helping Your Business Growth

    Distribution of the Highest End Smartphones

    Live Wireless prides itself in supplying the highest quality devices and specializes in fulfilling customer needs for the most sought after Smartphones.

"An experienced cellular logistics & distribution company, focused on the reuse & recycling of smart devices within the wireless industry"

High Quality Device Refurbishing

Flat Rate Repair

Customizing and Kitting

Process Includes

Secure Asset Management & Reverse Logistics

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